Different jobs require different tools,  and the bigger the toolbox the better you can do your job.

Types of Sound Packages

Optimum Dynamics can assemble sound support packages for any type of situation.

For commercial or scripted productions, we offer a sound-sync sound package.   At the heart of it is a Rastorder sound cart completely equipped.  Having a small footprint, the Rastorder cart offers all the functionality of a full sized movie sound cart while offering quick mobility thanks to its smaller size.  The Sonosax mixing console and Nomad 12 recorder combine for seamless digital multi-track recording.  DC power distribution with battery backup allows for cart power when shore power isn’t available.

EFP/ENG sound packages are also available for productions that work at a faster pace or need the sound mixer to work out a sound bag.  The Nomad 12 offers 12 channels of isolated tracks.  The Sound Devices 633 is a robust 6 input mixer and provides 10 track recording when necessary for everything from network news to reality t.v.